Gold prices at auction rose to a two-year high

At the auction in Singapore on the morning of Wednesday, July 6, the price of gold rose 1.1%, to $ 1,371.39 an ounce, showing the highest level since March 2014, and continued to trade at $ 1367.64. At the same time, silver prices have grown by 2.4%, to $ 20.4103 an ounce and traded at $ 20.2469.

“Investors are investing in gold, as growing concerns over the global economic outlook, as well as about the political uncertainty,” – said an analyst at Bloomberg Shenhua Futures Co Wu Zhili.

Tuesday, July 5, the gold exchange-traded fund assets increased by 2%, to 1997.28 metric tons, which was the highest rate since 2013, says Bloomberg, since the beginning of the year they grew by 37%